The Poetry of Antonio Machado

A philosopher like Jean Paul Sartre or a deconstructionist like Jacques Derrida would probably say that any attempt to translate poetry is futile since one can never know exactly what is meant by the poet's words. While I recognize the difficulty of knowing what is in the poet's mind, I refuse to accept the notion that we can never know what he wishes to say. After a careful study of Machado's poetry and most of his prose, I have a good understanding of his thoughts. I have now translated all the poems of Antonio Machado that are included in his Complete Works (Obras: Poesía y prosa) published by Losada (Buenos Aires, 1973): Early Poems (poems not included in Machado's Complete Poetry), Solitude: 1899 – 1907, Fields of Castile: 1907 - 1917, New Songs 1917 – 1930, From an Apocryphal Songbook and Other Poems. (Full introduction.)

Early Poems

Solitude - Soledades: 1899 – 1907

Fields of Castile – Campos de Castilla: 1907 – 1917

New Songs – Nuevas canciones: 1917-1939

From the Apocryphal Songbook - Del Cancionero Apócrifo

Miscellaneous Poems – Poemas Sueltos